Legal writing. Юридическая переписка на английском языке

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 Целевая аудитория:

·      Юристы и бизнесмены, которым необходимо знание специализированной правовой лексики.

Цель программы:

·      Усовершенствовать уровень как общего, так специализированного языка, что дает возможность всестороннего развития навыков деловой переписки на английском языке.

The course is designed to enhance professionals' English writing capacities, with a specific focus on Anglo-Saxon legal terminology and principles. Concentrating on business law terminology, this course will assist practicing lawyers, advanced law students, legal translators and paralegals to become comfortable in working with English "legalese."

Advanced legal writing is a session touching on topics of style, presentation, grammar, common mistakes, and punctuation.

In many legal settings specialized forms of written communication are required. In many others, writing is the medium in which a lawyer must express their analysis of an issue and seek to persuade others on their clients' behalf. Any legal document must be concise, clear, and...